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Creating a brilliant yard can be an undeniably remunerating experience, and laying grass over your ongoing yard is a fast and effective strategy for achieving that.In this guide, we will share our expert insights on the process to help you make the most of your outdoor space. With Robert Complete Care by your side, you’ll soon have a lawn that’s not only visually appealing but also resilient.

how to lay sod over existing lawn

Getting Started

Assess Your Lawn

Before you start the sodding system, surveying the present status of your lawn is significant. This step ensures that you’re aware of any problem areas, such as uneven terrain or poor drainage. By doing this, you’ll be more ready for the impending advances.

Gather the Necessary Tools

A successful sodding project requires the right tools. From a soil testing kit to a sharp shovel, we’ve got you covered with a complete list of essentials. Having the correct tools at your disposal will make the job smoother and more efficient.

Preparing Your Lawn

Kill Existing Grass and Weeds

To ensure the success of your sod project, you’ll need to eliminate existing grass and weeds. Discover various methods, both natural and chemical, to effectively clear your lawn and provide a fresh start for your new sod.

Test Your Soil

Understanding your dirt arrangement is indispensable for your grass’s wellbeing. We’ll direct you through the course of soil testing and show you how to make essential alterations to establish the ideal developing climate for your turf.

Level and Prepare the Soil

A level surface is fundamental for turf establishment. Learn how to grade your lawn to achieve an even, smooth terrain that will promote healthy sod growth.

Installing Sod

Choose the Right Sod Variety

Selecting the right sod variety is a key decision. We’ll talk about the various kinds of soil accessible and assist you with picking the one most appropriate to your environment and inclinations.

Sod Installation Step by Step

Get a step-by-step breakdown of the sod installation process. We’ll cover everything, from laying the first piece of sod to ensuring tight seams and a seamless lawn surface.

Watering and Maintenance

Proper watering and maintenance are crucial to the success of your new lawn. We’ll provide a watering schedule and maintenance tips to help you keep your soil healthy and thriving.

Caring for Your New Sod


Find out when and how to prepare your new grass for ideal development. We’ll share insights on choosing the right fertilizer and applying it effectively.

Pest and Weed Control

Keep your new lawn free from pests and weeds by following our expert guidance on identifying and addressing common issues.


Laying sod over an existing lawn is a transformative process that can give you a lush and beautiful outdoor space in no time. With our expert guidance, you’ll be able to tackle this project with confidence. Remember, Robert Complete Care is here to support you every step of the way. In the event that you have any different kinds of feedback, kindly make it a point to us.


How Long Does It Take For Sod To Establish? 

Sod typically takes about two to three weeks to establish a strong root system. Be that as it may, the course of events can change in light of variables like climate and upkeep.

Can I Install Sod By Myself? 

Yes, you can install sod on your own. However, it’s a labor-intensive process, and enlisting help can make it easier and more efficient.

What Time Of Year Is Best For Sodding? 

The best time to lay sod is during the cool seasons of spring and fall. This provides good conditions for root growth.

How Do I Calculate The Amount Of Soil I Need? 

To calculate the amount of sod you need, measure the area of your lawn and purchase enough to cover it. Turf is usually sold by the square meter.

Do I Need To Remove The Old Grass Before Laying Sod? 

Removing the old grass is recommended to ensure your new sod makes direct contact with the soil, improving root establishment.

Is Sod More Expensive Than Seeding A Lawn? 

While the initial cost of sod may be higher, it offers a quicker and more reliable way to establish a lush lawn compared to seeding.

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